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    Product Center

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    High-speed circular saw machine safety considerations

    High-speed circular saw machine is a new generation of metal cutting equipment,A lot of enterprises or operators when work accident,There are even fatalities,The main reasons are the following:

    A、High-speed circular saw machine operator body at work when in contact with the cutting of high speed rotating circular saw blade,Lead to accidents;

    2、Encountered in the process of cutting metal metal materials surface is uneven、The thickness is not standard or saw blade not installed as required,Lead to scrap iron spill、Saw blade split,The accident;

    3、To get an electric shock accidents,Owing to the negligence of the staff or other factors,No connection as required,Lead to accidents;

    Four、With driving or other machine for high-speed circular saw machine when conveying material,No reasonable command,Lead to touch the human body,Produce an accident;

    For the above in the cause of the accident,Should be the following main security measures taken in high-speed circular saw machine

    1、The accident
    High speed bearing rack material cutting circular saw machine is insufficient,Should be timely delivery of materials,In the process of conveying materials,Should be at least two or more operations,One command,One firm,Prevent to touch the human body in the process of material transportation accident;

    2、Check the circuit
    To prevent to get an electric shock accidents
    High-speed circular saw machine must be strictly connected line as required,Do not attack,Must require professional electrical wiring according to specifications,Prevent to get an electric shock accidents;

    3、Material inspection
    In view of the iron filings spill、Saw blade bursting accidents
    Cutting metal materials should check the material standard,Do not cut the thickness different materials,In case the clamping instability,When produce saw blades for cutting metal materials shaking;
    High-speed circular saw machine should check before cutting circular saw blade,Circular saw blade must be properly installed firmly,Do not cut loose;

    In view of the circular saw blade produced by accident
    In high-speed circular saw machine should be in strict accordance with the requirements before starting the regular safety inspection,When cutting metal materials,Should cover cover,It is strictly prohibited in the process of cutting the operator or other personnel touch circular saw blade;


    Introduction to circular saw the advantage of numerical control

    Circular saw machine in our country, more and more widely used in the market,But its numerical control rate is not high。In recent years,Numerical control the emergence of the circular saw to many production enterprise's development has brought great benefits,In the technical and economic aspects showed significant advantages:

    1.Can effectively reduce the cost:
    Compared with the traditional circular saw machine CNC circular saw function to realize automation,Save more Labour。Is the most important thing,Numerical control processing to improve the stability of product quality,Reduce the defective rate of products,Save the production cost of enterprises。

    2、The improvement of production efficiency

    Nc supporting the use of the circular saw blade cutting circular saw machine speed is further reduced,Improve the production cost of the enterprise。On the other hand, also means that companies can use less CNC equipment production more than the traditional equipment products,Can reduce the amount of equipment and plant area。

    3.Convenient operation and maintenance
    CNC circular saw machine use touch human-machine interface,Convenient operation for all the work setting and use the machine。High-precision equipment actually in use will bring more benefits,Such as reducing the friction and heat in the process of operation,Reduce the loss of energy,The device running more stable and reliable,To reduce the risk of failure occurs,The use of more convenient enterprise of equipment and maintenance。

    4.To facilitate information integration

    Modern CNC system itself with the powerful network functions,Easy to accessInternetThe network,To realize the remote control、Remote management、Remote diagnosis support and advanced numerical control functions such as manufacturing resource sharing,In order to realize agile manufacturing,Cloud manufacturing lay the foundation。

      5.To improve the reliability


    Numerical control of the circular saw machine manufacturing abandoned the original mechanical parts,Extensive use of electronic components,And the height of the electronic components production standardization、Integration and large quantitative,Is not only beneficial to the high reliability design and high stability process measures,But also for production management、Quality control、The maintenance of equipment of self-diagnosis and artificial、Maintenance and repair,Reduce the equipment's average failure time。
    As boundary of domestic and international market further blur and technological progress of domestic lathe,Lathe market competition has become a hotspot in the end;At the same time,Driven by the domestic high-end demand,High-end lathe import growth situation did not change significantly;A line of complete sets of equipment、Intelligent manufacturing island、The digital workshop、The development of manufacturing services such as have not form a scale advantage,It will be China lathe industry face new changes、To build a new future goals。

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