Shanghai bohai h drive system co., LTD

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Mobile phone number:18917731571

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    Shanghai bohai h drive system co., LTD. Agent world famous industrial belt.The main agent products are triangle,Synchronous belt,Conveyor belt,Flat belt,Special processing belt(Conveyor belt Belt The conveyor belt Synchronous belt Variable speed belt Wide band The triangle wedge belt, Transmitte belt The round belt Special processing belt, etc PU PVC PE SIBelt)——The NetherlandsDERCO, FEBRIECA. SpainESBELTGermanySIEGLINGPlane conveyor belt,The cigarette machine belt,Needle detector machine belt,Sponge belt,Elevator belt,Teflon thermal belt,The round belt,Printing conduction band,Belt sanding machine...

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League Department People:Chenta
The phone:021-36326856
A mobile phone:18917731571