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    Xiamen Wen Xu building materials co., LTD(简称Longyan city bei wei ya building materials co., LTD)Located in xiamen huli district belt Collins industrial park(Longyan xinluo district mining bureau at the door),Is a collection of scientific research and development、Production、Sales、Construction of one-stop manufacturer。   

    Production:Wall putty powder series、Gypsum powder、Slow dry plaster、Color jointing agent、Polymer good cement、Ceramic tile adhesive、King of mortar、Plugging king、Seaweed powder、Mortar synergistic agent、Interface agent、K11General-purpose waterproof(Flexible)、JSPolymer waterproof、Organic silicon penetration waterproofing agent、Cement-based infiltration waterproof coating、801Building glue、Inorganic insulation mortar, and various accessories。

    Distribution:Cellulose、Poly has enol powder(PVA-1788-2488)、To disperse latex powder、Lubricant、Anti-crack fiber、Wood fiber、Polypropylene amine xian、Poly has enol particles...[In more detail]

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